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October 15, 2016​

Welcome to my page and my blog.  This is where you will get information on upcoming releases, books I am working on, and any news or upcoming events.  I may even include some short stories within my blog.  

The Allure Of Imagination

July 11, 2017

What makes romance novels so poplar? There is plenty of research out there that can point you to all kinds of reasons.  I honestly think that there are three factors that drive women wild.  I think the escape a good romance book offers is important.  It's a way to clear our minds and not think about everything going on around us.  Also, I think the hero has a lot to do with it. We can fantasize about our hot alpha males and how bad we want them. We want to be the heroine and we envy the HEA with her hero.  Last and most definitely not the least, the sex.  Great, hot, panties ripping, sheet clawing, uninhibited amazing sex, we feed off the animal attraction and sexual chemistry.  It's what makes a romance book amazing.