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October 15, 2016​

Welcome to my page and my blog.  This is where you will get information on upcoming releases, books I am working on, and any news or upcoming events.  I may even include some short stories within my blog.  

The Allure Of Imagination

July 11, 2017

What makes romance novels so poplar? There is plenty of research out there that can point you to all kinds of reasons.  I honestly think that there are three factors that drive women wild.  I think the escape a good romance book offers is important.  It's a way to clear our minds and not think about everything going on around us.  Also, I think the hero has a lot to do with it. We can fantasize about our hot alpha males and how bad we want them. We want to be the heroine and we envy the HEA with her hero.  Last and most definitely not the least, the sex.  Great, hot, panties ripping, sheet clawing, uninhibited amazing sex, we feed off the animal attraction and sexual chemistry.  It's what makes a romance book amazing. 

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The road to RWA 2017

July 24, 2017

The road to RWA Conference 2017

Here I am riding in a car driving to Florida. Let’s just say it’s early and I’m not a morning person. My family and I drove to Memphis last night from Arkansas we spent the night with my Aunt and Uncle. We decided to break up the trip a bit so that it’s not such a long drive. I would have flown, but for me, my husband, and daughter, the tickets were outrageous and I would have still needed a rental car. I said screw it, we can drive.

Today we are traveling to Tallahassee’s we will spend the night there and arrive in Orlando tomorrow. Once we get settled in at Disney I will be traveling to the conference site to register.

I’m very excited about this conference. My goal is education. I want to be a sponge and soak up as much knowledge as I can. I want to be a successful writer and I feel education is key to making that happen. I’m also excited about the people I will meet. I want to meet and make friends with as many authors as possible. I am also looking forward to meeting industry representatives. I’m smiling as I type. I am way to excited for it to be this early in the morning.

I have my schedule all set. I am still undecided on a few workshops. There are several times where there are two workshops at the same time that I really want to see. I will just have to decide at the last minute or see half of each. I’m going to buy the recordings so that helps.

The family is going to be living it up at Disney. Had the conference not been at one if not the biggest amusement parks in the world, I believe I might have been traveling alone. When you say I have a conference to go to, you don’t get much response but when you mention Disney, then the ears perk up, the eyes light up, and all of the sudden the trip becomes important and I don’t need to go alone, therefore the family is with me. I hope to enjoy a little of Disney with them while I am down there but I won’t be heartbroken if I don’t.

This conference is a dream come true for me. I hope I get to meet some of my favorite authors. If I get to meet Silvia Day that would make it perfect. She is one of the ones that inspired me to write and meeting her would be a bucket list item I could scratch off.

Networking will be important. I have some very exciting things happen and it’s not just about my writing. I am working on some very exciting things that could not only catapult my writing career but for others as well. I’m not ready to spill the beans on this but if you are an aspiring writer that wants to be successful then reach out to me. I can’t say that I can help everyone but I want to try to help as many as I can.

Oh no! The hubs is listening to old country music, stuff that came out before we were born.  Nothing against country music but it's just not my thing. I may pull my hair out before I make it to Flordia. 

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RWA 2017

July 31, 2017

RWA Conference 2017

WOW! Words can't express the conference. I'm exhausted and my brain is in overload but it was amazing.  It was worth every penny.  I also got the audio recordings and that is huge.  It is impossible to attend all of the workshops which makes the recordings a must. If you are an author and haven't been to the RWA Conference then it is something you must attend.  If I can, I will go every year from here on out. 

I'll be honest, Tuesday was rough. My family and I drove from Arkansas to Orlando.  We broke up the trip but it was still tiring.  We arrived Tuesday morning and since our room wasn't ready we went to Animal Kingdom.  The place was packed and it was hot and humid.  That afternoon I wanted to go ahead and register for the conference. I was unable to get a room at the Swan or Dolphin hotel so we stayed at a different hotel on Disney property.  Disney has transportation available to transport guest to other locations including the Swan and Dolphin Hotel.  Let's just say it's very time-consuming to take advantage of their transportation services. 

So, I finally got the notification that our room is ready. I leave the fam and check into our room and unload the car.  Word of advice pack light. We didn't and it took me three trips to unload the car. After I got everything into the room, it was getting later in the day so I needed to hurry over to the Dolphin Hotel.  

Using Disney transportation it took me 90 minutes to get to the hotel.  You take a bus to Hollywood Studios then you take a boat to the hotel.  The A/C on the boat was pretty much non-existent. By the time I got to the hotel. I was a mess. I was drenched in sweat. I felt and looked absolutely awful. 

I was extremely embarrassed by my appearance. I didn't have time to take a shower. I wanted to register on Tuesday so that I didn't have to do it Wednesday morning. When I walked in there were fellow authors everywhere. They all looked amazing and were sitting in different locations visiting with other authors.  

No one spoke to me infact, I got a lot of disheartening looks.  However, I went on about my business and got my registration packet.  I felt out of place like I didn't belong. My thoughts began leaning toward not attending and just hitting up Disney because I let my self-esteem get the best of me.  

Also when I got back to my hotel room I noticed a terrible rash on my ankles and legs. Come to find out I got what they call the "Disney" or "Epcot" rash. In other words, I had Exercised Induced Vasculitis. This is a common occurrence for park goers and for golfers.  Basically, you get a rash from excessive walking or exercising combined with heat and humidity and it will trigger a rash.  Swelling can also occur but it's nothing to panic it's not dangerous and it will go away once you allow your legs to rest for a few days.  However. if will continue to flair up each day that you spend walking all over the Disney parks.  As the week goes on it may start to creep up your leg but it does go away.  

I messaged an author friend that night telling her about my day and she got me back on track and told me to walk back in there tomorrow with my head held high, which is exactly what I did. 

I had reached out to a few authors on Twitter whom I have never met before and we were meeting up to attend the conference together.  They wouldn't be there until early Wednesday afternoon. I went over to the hotel early and decided to write in hopes I might make some new friends. That is exactly what happened. I met several authors and along with the two authors I met on twitter we hung out all through the conference.  It made the conference so much better.

I have made long lasting friendships with some amazing authors and I will never forget my time at the conference.  Also, we have already decided to attend next years conference and next year we won't be first timers.

One more thing I met my idol Sylvia Day.  She was so gracious and kind. I was a nervous wreck and I got teary eyed. Meeting her was a dream come true.

So thats all for now.  I hope you all have a wonderful week.

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Getting the Spark Back


Sparks Fly

As we get older we can become more tired and run down.  Age affects so many things, especially women in their 40's-50's.  Women go through several changes at this point in their life.  One change that occurs is that some women tend to see a drop in their libido.  I spoke to a nurse practitioner last week and I was surprised when she told me she tells her clients who suffer from low libido to read romance novels. My face lit up like the 4th of July. Libido not only affects women, it can put a strain on couples and their relationship.Trying to find holistic alternatives to help women is so important these days.  The nurse practitioner has had several clients report that reading novels has helped her clients. If you are suffering from low libido then read a romance.  Check out some of my books to get you started.

women in their 40's-50's



Music that inspires me.

I love listening to romantic songs while writing. Some of my favorites are ballads, written by groups such as Def Leppard. They include "Love Bites", "Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad",  and "When Love & Hate Collide."  I got to see them in concert this summer in St. Louis and it was incredible.  They deliver an excellent live show. 

Bon Jovi is another favorite of mine. "I'll Be There For You" and "Always"  help me get the writing ideas flowing.

My playlist is an eclectic mix of all sorts of songs. Sarah McLachlan, Sting, and Ed Sheeran, have great songs that describe what a character in a book goes through during a rough patch or breakup. 

Listening to songs about love lost or trying to rekindle a flame helps you really dig deep into your character and pull out emotions you need visible on paper.  

The next time you need some inspiration turn to music.  It will unleash creativity that can drive you forward with your goals.

women in their 40's-50's


I met Katy Ames at the annual RWA conference in Orlando in July of 2017. We actually met virtually two weeks prior to that on Twitter. She was searching out ladies who were attending the conference and myself along with Author Kathryn Denman responded to her tweet and am I so glad we connected.  

Katy is currently writing her first series called "Seven Winds Series." She released the second book "After The Fall", September 11, 2017.  The first book "After The Island" was released June 28, 2017.  

I love this series. Once you start reading these books you won't want to put them down. Each book is independent on its own but there are ties to each of the books in the series.  Katy is a true artist. Her writing portrays a canvas of a beautiful island and follows two characters along their path to love. Her books keep her readers turning the page while the chemistry keeps us wanting more.  

This series deserves a 5-Star rating and I eagerly await the final and third book in her "Seven Winds Series".  You can read the first three chapters of "After the Fall" by clicking below

After The Fall Excerpt